Are you qualified to be a Supervisor?

Are you prepared to become a supervisor?
Do you know what characteristics are needed to become a supervisor?

Signs of Readiness

  1. You love to share your knowledge, and other people lock to you for advice when they have problems at work.
  2. It is satisfying to see others learn & succeed.
  3. You have an understanding of the company as a whole. You can see how the different departments work together.
  4. If someone is excited about their job, so are you.
  5. You’re willing to bridge the gap between employee and senior management and you want to be more focused in that role.

Signs of Not Ready

  1. It annoys you to see other people arrive late to talk or mess around, so you want to be the manager to stop them from doing it.
  2. You don’t like other people doing things differently than you do. You think there’s only one right way to do everything. You want a managerial role to tell your team how to do things.
  3. You want the power that management positions give you.
  4. You want to be a manager because managers are better paid.
  5. You like to make rules & make sure others follow them.