Why Employees Quit You?

Almost 75% of people are those who jump from company to company every time they change roles. 
Another 25% of people will stay and rise in their company. 

The factor that Overwhelmingly Influences Retention

1.Role Stagnation

It will occur when an employee stays in the job title for long period of time without advancement.
Every 10 months someone stays in the same job title, it makes them 1% more likely to exit the company the next time they change roles.


2. Company Culture 

The second factor that drives people out the door is company culture.
Employees who leave almost always ended up going somewhere with a better rating of culture and values. And makes it clear that people are paying attention to things beyond pay.


3. Competitive Pay

The employee also walked out the door when their compensation isn’t at the market rate. While pay is not the biggest factor, it definitely matters.
To extent that when the employee in theory was ready to change to their next job, 10% higher pay made people 1.5% more likely to stay with the company.