Top 4 Reason Must Conduct Exit Interview

As HR in a company, once you received a resignation letter from employees. What will you do?

Most of the HR will try to know more about the actual situation that this employee faced. But once the employee insist to left, normally HR will only proceed to find another replacement candidate.

Actually, you should conduct an exit interview with that particular employee. So that you can get more information for further adjustment.

There are also 4 reasons that you must conduct an exit interview 

1. Pinpoint Opportunities For Employee Development

Employees are about three times more likely to leave for a new employer than to stay and move into a new role at their existing company.

Simply put, job title stagnation hurts employee retention.

An exit interview can give you valuable information to prevent more employees from jumping ship.

2. Get Insight Into Management Issues

Sometimes problems with management can be hard to spot.

A stady steam of exits from a particular group can be rooted in issues that aren’t revealed in other review processes.

It’s likely that you’ll find some constructive feedback for managers while conducting exit interviews.

3. Stay Up to Date with Compensation & Benefits

Compensation is a common reason that employee leaves.

Exit interview can help you find out if that’s really the case and decide whether you need to revisit the compensation strategy or not.

84% of the employee with high benefit satisfaction report high job satisfaction.

4. Strengthen Your Employer Brand

The act of asking departing employees for constructive feedback shows employees that you value the insight they’ve gathered in their time with you, and demonstrates your company’s interest in improving.

It allows you to gather information about branding effort that might have fallen short, or where action are out of alignment with stated values.