11 Qualities of Good Recruiter

Are you interested to become a HR?

Or your dream career path is doing recruiting?

Do you know are you having the qualities to become a good recruiter?

Let’s check it out here !!


Curious Learner

Recruiter requires curiosity & inquisitiveness in learning new roles, now processes, new tools, your candidate needs or intricacies of a complex offer.

Approachable Communicator

Recruiter should establish trust by ensuring the line of communication is always open.

Whether a candidate has a question, a concern or an unexpected turn of events in their job search, they need to know their recruiter is the person to turn to.

Understanding Trust-Builders 

To build trust, recruiter first accrue a genuine understanding of candidate and hiring managers needs and then take it one step further make them believe you understand their need

Proactive Empathizes

Most of candidates will encounter stress during job search, but most everyone could benefit from an empathetic recruiter.

Candidate will remember recruiters who, at the time of the dose, overlooked stress foibles and believed the best in them.

Stakeholder Partner

Managing relationship is the name of the game.

It is taking about a broad spectrum of relationship with all types of people for various duration of time.

Improv Agents

A good recruiter is not easily rattled by an unusual questions, but rather takes it in stride, maintaining professionalism & poise along the way.

You should be able to read their mood, energy level, body language & tone of their voice, among other data points to tailor your response or next questions.

Investigate Journalists 

Normally, most candidate will only share 90% of truth with a recruiter on any given call.

“Why did they leave their last job? What salary are they looking for?” Good recruiter take step to delicately yet intentionally press into these truth.

Creative Storyteller

Artfully aligning the company’s story to a candidates’ interest is essential. Good recruiter take initiative, asking around for stones to leverage during candidate conversation.

Resilient Overcomers

External factor often limit a recruiter’s control, resulting in obstacles & innumerable “no’s” from candidates & hiring managers.

So, recovering quickly from difficulty is fundamental as a recruiter.

Accountable Influencer

As a recruiter, you are providing experiences that leave a reverberating impact on lives of candidate, hiring managers & cross-functional partners.

Exemplary Judges

Your ability to assess & select the right people for the right job is quite literally the biggest component of your job. Get it right & other skill will help make your great.

Get it wrong & other skills won’t even matter.