Leadership Styles Applied by Successful Leader

A great leader will inspire employees or team member to do great things, to believe that we can do anything, and to become the greatest versions of who we can be.

So having a good leadership style could make your company different. Here are six ways to manage a team and when to use them.

The Hare 

  • All about moving as fast as you can to get things done on time
  • Have strict requirement on deadline
  • The stress of only caring about deadlines can mean employees lose interest in the tasks altogether
How to manage:
  • Try switching up your style to focusing on the people doing the task.
  • Find out more about what might work better for them and how they work best


The Dreamer

  • You have a dream that you’d like your company to go, and you love to share this vision with your team
  • This can help join you together as a team and improve morale
  • Working towards some unattainable goal is surefire way to lose the crowd and end up talking to yourself.
How to manage:
  • Make sure your vision is clear and that everyone believes in it.


The Director

  • Ask for tasks to be done directly, without hesitation or consideration for employees
  • By keeping cool head, you can create success out of a messy situation
  • It doesn’t work if you constantly barking orders at your employees, without using another management style.
  • If overused, you can end up with employees who are low in moral and self-esteem, and other who are heading for the door


The Greek

  • Want to know everyone’s opinion and how things can be improved for the best overall outcome.
  • Having your say can be very empowering for most people, especially if it’s something you are working on everyday
How to manage: 
  • Be careful you are not asking the wrong advice from wrong people
  • Make sure you have a well-developed team of experts that you can depends on your business grows


The Lover 

  • Cares about relationships and how these bonds create enough synergy for a fruitful working environment
  • It can be huge booster for morale as everyone learns to understand and work with each other
  • This can help to gel everyone together and keep things moving smoothly.
  • The main focus on relationship and goals can get left behind will lead to low performance and drive.
  • In this case, use some other management style, especially hare or dreamer.


The Coach

  • Not only understand what is going on with people, you will also try to find new ways of growing their (and your) skills and abilities
  • It is suitable for new start-up
  • This approach can use when an employee is not in the mood for any kind of growth.
How to manage:
  • Instead coaching, you’d need to try out different style, like : Director – at least until they feel more like meeting you on the same level.


Different management style is suitable for different company needs and culture. Even different characteristics of employees need different management style to push them perform better.

“When your team is happy, the customer is happy.” – Jack Ma