Tips for Salary Negotiation for Employer

1. Do Advance Research

Before you open role, start a solid grasp of internal budget for salary. Look the salary range on job portal for similar role in your area.

By this research, you can ensure you calibrate job requirement properly. You’ll not surprised by job seeker’s salary expectation.


2. Clarify Job Level Early

Where there is a discrepancy between what salary a candidate is hoping for and what an employer is able to offer, it’s usually there’s misunderstanding in job level or skill requirement.

Be sure think carefully about job scope before posting your open role on job portal.


3. Specify a Salary Range Up Front

When post the role, be sure add a salary range on job post. Candidates normally want to know when evaluating job or employer detail on salary package.

By clarifying salary range, candidate will opt in or out early, it can minimizing the possibility of coming to salary stalemate later on.


4. Fully Evangelize Your Benefit

Whether your salary range are competitive in labor market or not. It’s important to be loud and proud with benefit your company offer.

The benefit can be like: health insurance, paid time off or other employee benefits.


5. Never Lead With Your Best Offer

You might be tempting to offer as much as you can when you find the prefect candidate. But most of the job seeker will assume that starting offer is negotiable and will ask for more — whether or not the offer was within their range.

So, left some negotiation budget for yourself when candidate is asking more from you.


6. Don’t Bail Based on Budget Alone

If there’s a discrepancy between candidate’s target income and your budget, you can start an honest dialogue about other benefit you can offer.

It might be the ability to work flexible schedule or extra vacation time.


7. Be on the Candidate’s Side

Without giving false hope, be sure to hear out candidate with an offer in hand — whether that offer is from your company or another company.

Take the time to truly hear candidate’s needs.


8. Close Your Negotiation on a High Note

Whether you found agreement on salary or your candidate declined your offer and moved on, do your best to end the interaction on a positive note.

If the candidate choose to walk away from an offer, wish your candidate the best of luck and encourage them to stay in touch.