5 Rules Effective Leader Should Try To Live By

Leading a company is trial by fire, creating a few general rules can help guide you trough difficult decision.

Here are five rules that effective leader should try to live by:

#1 Avoid Hustle Porn

In the past decide, content which call “Hustle Porn” – motivational YouTube and Instagram videos has become mainstream. In the video advise young entrepreneurs to work 14 hours a day and hustle every minutes of every hour.

Constantly working long hours without break isn’t a recipe for success. When you’re in a leadership role, you have to give yourself time to relax and recharge. Focus on quality and thoughtfulness of your work, not just number of hours you put in at office.

#2 Treat Your Team Like You Want to be Treated

Leader have to cultivate a positive work environment, especially when the job is manual or difficult. A tough job always present its own issues for worker. Why would you compound those issues by spreading negativity and treating people poorly?

“Just because you’re the boss doesn’t mean you have to be a horse ass””You’re in charge, but you can still treat people how you’d like to be treated”.

#3 Choose Management Wisely

Being a great executive who treats everyone well won’t matter much if you don’t instill those values in your management team. Good or bad management often comes down to promoting effectively.

As people making decision, you have to be cognizant of that. A good way to observe who may or may not be great for management role is by giving little test. Let them run a project or take on more responsibility for a team and see how they do.

#4 Align Your Expectations With Reality

To be a good leader or manager, you also need to understand the work your team is doing. Of course, maybe you can’t understand everyone’s roles in depth, but at least know what your employees do everyday.

Good executive recognize the limit of their team’s work, what’s possible and what isn’t. Not everything can be done ASAP, so it’s important to have reasonable expectation.

#5 Open Channels for Cross-Company Communication

Far too many businesses fail at cross-company communication, and that can devastate efficiency and collaboration.

Whether it’s among one team or between groups, you have to provide people with channels for strong communication if you want your business to operate efficiently.

Being a leader have to turn your focus away from yourself and be able to empathize with the people who work for you.