7 Ways Improve Listening Skill

Good listening skills are imperative to succeeding at work. It allows you to successfully carry out your job duties, get along with boss and coworkers, and serve your customers and clients.

Follow these tips to learn how to be a great listener:

#1 Maintain Eye Contact 

Looking someone in the eye during a conversation forces you to pay attention and also signals to the speaker that you are focused on what they are saying.

#2 Avoid Interrupting

Save your questions and comments until the speaker finishes talking. Someone well-versed at verbal communication will pause at regular intervals to allow the listener to ask questions.

#3 Sit Still

Fidgeting makes you look bored.

#4 Nod Your Head

This indicates to the speaker that you’re hearing the information that he/she is conveying.

#5 Be Attentive to Non-Verbal Cues

Paying attention to what speaker doesn’t say is as important as being attentive to his/ her words. Look for non-verbal cues such as facial expressions and posture to fully understand everything.

#6 Lean Toward the Speaker

This’s the signal to other people that you’re engaged in the conversation.

#7 Repeat Instructions and Ask Appropriate Questions

Once the speaker has finished talking, repeat his/her instructions to confirm that you understand them. This also the time to ask any questions.