Why Employee Look For A New Job

Employees job search for a reason. Find out what it is before the employee announces her departure.

Provide that great opportunity in your company – and know what that great opportunity is – to retain your best employees.

Here are ten critical reasons why employees quit their job. You can manage all of them to retain your best employees.

#1 Relationship With the Boss 


Employees don’t need to be friends with their boss but they need to have a relationship. The boss provides direction and feedback, spends time in one-to-one meetings, and connects the employee to larger organizations.

According to many sources, a bad boss also the top one reason why employees quit their job.

#2 Bored and Unchallenged by the Work Itself 

No one wants to be bored and unchallenged by their work. If you have an employee who acts as if she is, you need to help her find her passion.

Employees spend more than a third of their days working, getting ready for work and transporting themselves to work, so they want to enjoy their job. Otherwise, you will lose them to an employer who will.

#3 Relationships With Colleagues 

Research from the Gallup organization indicates that one of the 12 factors that illuminate whether an employee is happy on their job is having a best friend at work. Relationship with colleagues retain employees.

Notice and intervene if problems exist and the employees appear unable to solve the problem themselves.

#4 Opportunities to Use Their Skills and Abilities

When employees use their significant skills and abilities on the job, they feel a sense of pride, accomplishment, and self-confidence.

They are participating in activities that they are good at and the stretch their skills and abilities even further.

#5 Contribution of Their Work to the Organization’s Business Goals

Managers need to sit with each reporting employee and discuss the relevance of the employee’s job and its key contributions and deliverable to the overall strategy and business plan of the organization.

Employees need to feel connected and they are part of an effect that is larger than just their job. They need to feel as if they matter in the larger picture of the organization.

#6 Autonomy and Independence On the Job

Organizations talk about empowerment, autonomy and independence, but they are not something that you can do to people or give them.

They are traits and characteristics that an employee needs to pursue and embrace. You are responsible for the work environment that enables them to do this. They are responsible for doing it.

#7 Meaningfulness of the Employee’s Job 

Every employee wants to do something that makes a difference, that isn’t busywork and that contributes to something bigger than themselves. Managers must help employees see where their work contributes to the execution of deliverable that make a difference in the world.

#8 Knowledge About Your Organization’s Financial Stability 

Financial instability: a lack of sales, layoffs or reduced work hours, salary freezes, hiring freezes, successful competitors highlighted in the news, bad press, employee turnover, mergers and acquiring companies, all lead to an employee’s feeling of instability and lack of trust.

Employees who are worried tend to leave. Let them know how business is doing at all time and what the organization’s plans are for staying on track or recovering in the future.

#9 Overall Corporate Culture

The overall culture of your company makes a difference for employees. Does organization appreciate employees, treat them with respect, provide compensation, benefits and perks that demonstrate respect and caring?

Is your work environment for people conducive to employee satisfaction and engagement? Do you provide employee activities, celebrations, and team-building effort that make employees feel your organization is a great place to work?

#10 Management’s Recognition of Employee Job Performance

While recognition is important, it is not among employees’ main concern. A lack of recognition can affect many of above factors, especially culture, but it’s probably not the deciding factor in an employee’s decision to leave your organization.

Provide a lot of genuine appreciation and recognition as icing on the cake for your employee retention efforts.