6 Things Manager Shouldn’t Ask Employee to Do

Sometimes accidents happen in office – copy machines break, internet goes down, among other unexpected messes that will interrupt work and need someone to clean up. What should manager do? And what 6 things that manager shouldn’t do?

#1 Anything You Wouldn’t Do 

Let’s talk about cleaning up dirty messes. That are unpleasant tasks, you likely have maintenance services or staff to take care of them. But how when the service can’t take care of it?

If there is someone who has duty as part of their job, fabulous. If not, you have to assign it. Don’t assign work like that out if you aren’t taking your turn. In a small business, everyone has to do gross things. The boss gets to do it first, otherwise, don’t ask your employees.

#2 Cancel a Vacation

Don’t ask an employee to cancel a pre-planned vacation, especially if there are other friends and family members counting on that person, and they have purchased tickets.

Vacation time is a sacred time, it’s part of compensation package, so don’t require an employee to cancel or even keep contacting to follow up something when employee is during vacation.

#3 Take the Fall for You

You tell your employees to do X, and it’s a failure. When your boss calls you on it, do you say “I’ll speak to xxx about that and make sure it never happens again.” or “It’s my ideas; I take full responsibility.”

Many bosses do the former. It’s understandable – it’s a self-preservation reflex – but it’s wrong. Your mistake, your consequence. Your department is your responsibility. It is never okay to throw employees under the bus – even if they made the error.

#4 Work Crazy Hours 

Some businesses have crazy hours, it’s part of the job. It’s okay to have a deadline that requires an extra push from time to time, but it’s not okay to push your employees to make them work more hours than they had signed on to work.

If your department isn’t getting things done within the standard working hours, you either need to get approval for new employee or change priorites.

#5 Work While Truly Sick 

Le your employee rest and recover if fevers, vomiting, or other contagious conditions. If you force employees to come into work while sick, they will spread the germs, and everyone else will get sick too.

Good manager let employees use sick time and provide sick time in the first place.

#6 Donate to Charity

Yes, charity is good, and many companies want their employees to participate in charitable giving. However, if your employee doesn’t wish to donate, don’t force them.

You may think their salary is generous and they should be grateful, but you have no idea what their situation is. Don’t punish anyone for not supporting the company’s cause.