Why Procrastination Happen At Work

Procrastination occurs when you have a task to finish and delay its completion to a later time. What are the reason which cause people procrastinate their task?

#1 They’re Less Urgent Task

Tasks with quickly approaching deadlines are often easier to prioritize over ones that can be completed any time. So people will keep procrastinating the task which without a deadline given.

#2 You’re Unsure How to Begin a Task

Someone may procrastinate a larger project because unsure of how to begin. Not knowing the first step to a project will cause delay from starting it.

#3 Fear of Failure 

Some people will feel nervous to work on task out of fear that final project isn’t impressive as expected. This often comes from setting high standards for self that can be very challenging to meet.

#4 Work Better Under Pressure

Some employees procrastinate their work because they feel they’re performing better when they only have a short time to submit it.

They may enjoy the feeling of not knowing whether they’ll submit on time, which causes them to work harder to submit it right before it’s due.

#5 There’s an Urge to Complete Other Task First

There some employees who procrastinate their task because they simply don’t feel the need to complete them. They may instead feel more enthusiastic about completing other activities that sound more appealing to them.

Only find out the reason why you or your employees procrastinate at work, then we can find a way to adjust and help on it.