How to Stop Procrastinate at Work

There are several methods that can follow to help stay productive and motivated to finish tasks. Consider these tips to stop procrastinating at work so can deliver quality of work on time.

#1 Build Habits Using Two-Minutes Method

This is great way to motivate to build habits that form into routines. Larger tasks can be easier to finish if complete them in smaller, two-minute increments.

For instance, if there is 30-page proposal to write, plan to only work on it for two minutes. Start the project and set timer. By the time reach two minutes, you will feel so engaged in your project that will make you want to work on it longer.

#2 Visualize Your Goals

Visualizing positive and accomplished feeling of meeting your goals and finishing projects can help encourage to complete them.

These goals can be advancing in your career or earning a raise. Just imagine yourself meeting these goals as you push yourself to finish projects and stay on task.

#3 Use Pomodoro Technique

This method values the use of regular breaks to help your brain focus more effectively. It involves working for 25 minutes, then taking 5 minutes breaks. After four 25 minutes intervals of working, taking a 15-minutes break.

This will helps brain stay focus for a set amount of time to ensure portions of your tasks are being completed with little to no distractions.

#4 Complete Challenging Task When You’re Most Productive

Many people feel most productive and focused during certain time periods throughout the day. Plan to complete challenging tasks during your productive moments and simpler tasks when you’re less productive.

#5 Focus on the End Product, Rather Than a Perfect Product

While working on task, sometimes some person will feel stuck as attempt to make every section seems perfect. To keep yourself remaining positive and on task, focus solely on finishing it, rather than make it perfect.

Give yourself a break once you’re finished and return to the project feeling refreshed and add changes to it. The editing and proofreading stage is where you can strengthening to boost the project’s quality.

#6 Reward Yourself When Complete Tough Tasks

Promising yourself a reward when you’ve finished challenging task can help motivate you to complete it. This will gives yourself something to look forward to and pushes you to complete it.

#7 Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

You can only feel more focused and driven if you’re maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Taking care of your mind and body allows you to build more energy to feel engaged in your work.

What can do for maintain healthy lifestyle?

  • Eating healthy meals
  • Practicing a healthy work-life balance
  • Exercising regularly
  • Getting appropriate amount of sleep

#8 Work In a Comfortable Environment

You may feel more productive if you’re working in an environment you feel comfortable in. You can improve your office environment by placing more plants, lamps or photos to make it more positive and at-home feel.

Feeling comfortable while work can make yourself more excited to come to work.

#9 Build a To-Do List

Build a to-do list which list all of the upcoming task with deadlines. In the to-do list, prioritize the task by deadlines and importance level of the task. It can help you to organize your task better.

#10 Use a Schedule to Set Deadlines

Insert your to-do list into your schedule to make your task more manageable and helps you set deadlines for yourself. You may use online calendar or purchase a planner. Set the due dates and block off time to work.