Effective Ways to Train Employees

Although hiring is a quite difficult process for HR, training process is also important element. By taking the time to adequately train your team, you can lower employee turnover rates and improve productivity.

By using some effective ways to train employee you can make your team grow better.

#1 Focus on Hard and Soft Skills

Along with focusing on technical skills, such as learning programs or software, it’s important to focus on developing your team members’ soft skills. These are skills that help them work well with others. By focusing on both hard and soft skills, you can help them become a more well-rounded employee.

#2 Make it Personalized

Even every employee should learn their policies of the company, you may want to personalize the rest of their training. Prior to a new employee starting their job, ask them to fill out a survey that ask them about their preferred learning styles.

By catering your training to their learning style, they can remember new information more effectively.

#3 Use Multiple Platform

Offering training through multiple platform can create a more engaging experience. Blend in-person learning with online videos, quizzes, real-life projects and other ways to teach employees. By having multiple ways they can get to know the material and work on their skills.

Creating a comprehensive how-to guide is a great way to encourage independent learning.

#4 Have Employees Train Each Other

You can assign the experienced team members as a mentor to do a good job teaching the newbie. Make it clear that the new employee can direct any of their questions to this employee. Having a peer do some of the training can make it more comfortable experience.

#5 Try Cross-Training

Depending on your workplace, it may be beneficial to cross-train an employee in different departments. When cross-training, choose the skills that may overlap between two positions. This may help your employees be even more skilled at their main job.

#6 Help Employees Set Goals

Before begin training, have your employees set training goals for themselves. Inform them where you’d like to see their progress at the end of the training session.

Help them find ways to measure their progress and stay focused on meeting these goals. You could offer an incentive like a free lunch or gift card to reward them for their hard work.

#7 Provide Ongoing Education

Ongoing education is a way to further develop your team and encourage professional growth. Opportunities like workshops, seminars, retreats, lectures, conferences, online classes, one-on-one meeting are all helpful ways to continue their learning.

Asking employees what kind of ongoing education they’d like to try is also a great way to show you value their development.