Tips for Working Mom

In this decade, working mom is a very normal scenario. Being a working mom takes some skill to make sure you’re performing your work duties and not compromising on important family time.

So, today we’re sharing how can balance work life and home life.

#1 Create a Schedule

As working mom, you have a lot of responsibilities both at work and at home. It can be helpful to create a schedule for yourself. With it, you’ll be able to show your family that you have the ability to keep yourself on track to both succeed at work and have quality family time.

#2 Reevaluate your Expectations

You might have high expectation for work and home life. It’s good idea to check in on your expectations and reevaluate if you find they’re not realistic or causing you and your family undue stress.

By adjust your expectations, you many find less stressful and better able to meet your expectations.

#3 Speak Honestly with your Kids

It may be hard to leave your kids to work, but with an honest conversation, you can help them manage their expectation too. You can talk with your kids about what you do for a living, how you impact people or processes and why you like your job.

#4 Create a Work/Life Balance

It’s important to have a good work/life balance, so you don’t accidentally overwork and miss out on quality family time. To achieve it, you need to have a dedicated stop time to your days, establishing normal working hours. If your manager expect you to answer work calls or work after hours on a project, consider asking if they is a way to adjust part of your week, so you don’t have to compromise family time.

#5 Feel Empowered

Instead of allowing yourself to feel guilty about stretching yourself between work and your family, feel empowered to do well at home and with your family.

Empowerment is important, so you can show your children the value of hard work. Eliminate guilt by knowing when you’re at home, you’re giving it your all, and when you’re at work, you’re doing the same.

#6 Set Boundaries

As working mom, it’s crucial that you set boundaries for both yourself and your children. Boundaries can means when you’re with your children, you put technology away and do not allow yourself to work.

Another way to set boundaries is by saying no. If you say yes to everything, you may not have time for important work tasks or quality family time. You can suggest another method for completing project within your capacity.

#7 Expand your Circle of Friends

Being working mom is a lot of work and balance that only other working moms can relate to and understand. It’s important to be able to speak to others who can provide support and acknowledge that hard work of working moms. This can uplift you and remind you that you’re doing an outstanding job committing to your work and your family.

#8 Develop Shortcuts

If there is an easier or quicker way to get to an end goal, try to take full advantage. Think about other ways to develop shortcuts around your home or office without compromising quality.

Consider looking at project management tools which can integrate with your calendar and task list. Try to avoid long meetings, learning keyboard shortcuts that can help you type quicker.

#9 Practice Self-Care

A big part of working mom is taking time for yourself. It’s important to be able to step away from both work and home at same time and do something that you enjoy. You can read a book, spend time on skincare routine, going for a walk, catching up with friends.

Besides, getting adequate sleep, eating foods and drinking plenty of water. Self-care will gives you freedom to step away from your responsibilities for a moment and come back with more energy and focus.

#10 Prepare the Night Before

The morning can be one of the busiest parts of the day for a working mom. If you can plan for your morning the night before, you may spend that time connecting with your family and starting your day more leisurely than stressed.