Reason Employees Leave Their Jobs

There might have a few times in your career that when you decide to move on from your current job. The reason can vary depending workplace and personal life.

Why it’s important to know reasons employees leave? Because when company has a high turnover rate, this could signify low employee job satisfaction. By knowing the reasons, employers can directly solve a reoccurring issue and make a more pleasant work environment for everyone.

Common Reason Employees Leave Job

#1 Needing More Challenge

After working at same job for a while, employee start to get to know all of the tasks and responsibilities quite well. When there’s little more to learn in the role, employee may start to feel like ready for more challenge.

This is a natural part of growing in the career, especially as the employee become interested in learning new skill.

#2 Looking for Higher Salary

When employee feel underpaid for the work that he/she do, it may be time to move onto a new job. Likewise, they may be ready to accept more responsibilities and with that comes more pay.

As lifestyle changes or family grows, employee may decide that you need to make more money to afford your living expenses.

#3 Feeling Uninspired

When employee start to feel uninspired over time, finding a new job is a way for them to feel passionate about the job once again. Current company may not have opportunities for you to do meaningful work, which is why it’s important that next employer’s values and mission align with the own.

#4 Wanting to Feel Valued

Feeling replaceable at the job may make employee want to search for a position where he/she efforts are valued more. It’s feeling good to know the work is important and making an impact on the success of the company.

Sometimes entry-level positions can make this challenging since have fewer responsibilities. In this scenario, employee is ready for a higher-level job, so they might leave current job.

#5 Seeking a Better Management Relationship

Some employees will discover that he/she get along with some people better than others. Finding a new job may give employee the opportunity to build healthier relationship. If they feel like need a more supportive manager or supervisor, it may be time they look for a company that values employee-manager relationships more.

#6 Searching for Job Growth and Career Advancement

If current employer is limited in the number of promotion or learning opportunities they can offer, employees may want to find an employer who have these resources. Having room to grow in the career is an important part of feeling fulfilled.

A quality employer will offer continued education, like workshops, seminars, lectures or even tuition reimbursement.

#7 Needing More Feedback or Structure

Some people thrive off a more fluid work environment while others need more structure. So while some people required a manager to look on about the progress and effort, but current employer didn’t, he/she will look for a new job.

An integral part of improving performance is to get regular feedback from employer, so some employee will tend to find a job where they have regular performance reviews.

#8 Wanting a Different Work Environment

Every company provide different kind of working environment. This could be actual structure of the workplace and also refer to company’s culture. Every employee may want to find a job that offers he/she a work environment that feel most comfortable working in.

#9 Feeling Conflicted with Workplace Policies

Many employees enjoy workplace offers flexible scheduling and telecommuting opportunities. If they feeling that work policies in current company make it challenging to do this, they might finding other companies that offer such benefits. Some people like fixed schedule working hours, so they will tend to find the company which align with this policy.

#10 Need a Better Work-Life Balance

Having time with friends, family and hobbies is an important part of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Some manager will always contacting employee out of working hours. This might impact employee’s personal time and making him/her feel burnt out.

The only can finding a new job that values employee’s personal time can achieve this balance.