How to Replace Your Lost SPM Certificate

SPM Certificate is an important education certificate for every Malaysian when applying for a job.

Once you found your SPM Certificate is lost, you may also get a replacement copy from Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia.


There are two ways to apply for Replacement Copy

Head to LPM in person

This is the most efficient way if you live nearby Putrajaya. You may get your replacement copy within 1 hour if you completed your SPM after the year 1994.

However, if you take SPM examination before the year 1994, it will need at least 7 working days to process.

What you need to prepare for it
  1. Fill up the form applying replacement copy SPM [you can get the form from online or in-office counter]
  2. Original IC
  3. RM30 per replacement copy
Operation Hour

Mon – Thur : 0815 – 1630

Fri                : 0815 – 1200 & 1445 – 1630

The office closed during Weekends and Public Holiday

Contact Number: 03 – 8884 3526 / 03 – 8884 3528

Lembaga Peperiksaan, Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia,

Aras 10, Blok E11, Kompleks E, Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan, 62604 Putrajaya


Apply Through Post

If you can’t reach the office in person, you may apply the replacement copy through postal.

You need to prepare:
  1. Filled Application Form
  2. A verified copy of IC
  3. RM30 at form of Postal Order (Wang Pos) to PENGARAH PEPERIKSAAN

** You’re encouraged to include pos express envelope with your address to make the postal process easier

Send it to


Lembaga Peperiksaan Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia

Aras 11, Blok E11, Kompleks E

Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan 62604 Putrajaya

(U.P. : Sektor Pengurusan Dasar dan Perkembangan)

Apply the replacement copy of SPM through the post will need 7 working days to process (Exclude delivery time). So for postal, please be patient, it might take around 2 – 3 weeks for a whole process.


Top 4 Reason Must Conduct Exit Interview

As HR in a company, once you received a resignation letter from employees. What will you do?

Most of the HR will try to know more about the actual situation that this employee faced. But once the employee insist to left, normally HR will only proceed to find another replacement candidate.

Actually, you should conduct an exit interview with that particular employee. So that you can get more information for further adjustment.

There are also 4 reasons that you must conduct an exit interview 

1. Pinpoint Opportunities For Employee Development

Employees are about three times more likely to leave for a new employer than to stay and move into a new role at their existing company.

Simply put, job title stagnation hurts employee retention.

An exit interview can give you valuable information to prevent more employees from jumping ship.

2. Get Insight Into Management Issues

Sometimes problems with management can be hard to spot.

A stady steam of exits from a particular group can be rooted in issues that aren’t revealed in other review processes.

It’s likely that you’ll find some constructive feedback for managers while conducting exit interviews.

3. Stay Up to Date with Compensation & Benefits

Compensation is a common reason that employee leaves.

Exit interview can help you find out if that’s really the case and decide whether you need to revisit the compensation strategy or not.

84% of the employee with high benefit satisfaction report high job satisfaction.

4. Strengthen Your Employer Brand

The act of asking departing employees for constructive feedback shows employees that you value the insight they’ve gathered in their time with you, and demonstrates your company’s interest in improving.

It allows you to gather information about branding effort that might have fallen short, or where action are out of alignment with stated values.


























10 REASON Employee Resign

Why employees want to tender to resign from your company?
There is 10 reason that will cause an employee to resign.

Employees Feel Underappreciated

Those who leave for this reason aren’t looking for a pat on the back everytime they show up for work on time or finish a task.

They need to be reminded from time to time their contributions are valuable to the team.


Lack of Proper Compensation

This is the common reason for resignation. It is no secret that companies that are the most generous in this arena are also some of most successful.


Insufficient Time Off

In an attempt to do more with less, some employers are saddling their employees with the additional workload.

Initially, this approach may result in a healthier bottom-line, but ultimately it will lead to lower production as worker begins to tire of the rigorous schedule forced on them.


Change In Management

Companies that fail to recognize that impact of this decision risk losing valuable personnel.

Taking time to speak with those most affected is of utmost importance for keeping morale up and transition smooth.


Outdated Machinery & Equipment

Whether it’s warehouse equipment or office phone system, tools make life more difficult for those that use them play major role in employee running for exit.

Replacing workers proven more expensive than replacing tools over the long run.


Unrealistic Goal 

Setting goal and quota is important for maintaining the production level and achieving max results.

Constantly moving the “carrot” without regard for what it takes to reach it will usually wind up in a breakdown in morale and desire.

The employee who consistently put to test in this manner will eventually decide it is simply not worth it.


The Need To Be Challenged

When working adults get bored with their jobs, their minds wander and they start seeking a more challenging position.

Keeping a bright employee challenged with a rewarding task is the best way to keep a bright employee.


Lack of Joyful Environment 

Look around your place of business. Do you employee seems happy to be there?

If not, why not? Workplace needn’t be all drudgery and those that are, have bigger problems than the frowns that everyone is waring.

It doesn’t mean need to be a constant party atmosphere. But at least be pleasant.


Lack of a Clear Pathway to Success

Many times an employee will become frustrated with the inability or unwillingness of management to provide them with a working model for success with the firm.

This is another common reason for resignation. Most people will head in another direction if they get lost along the way.

Good and attentive management will take the time to nurture those with an eye on the future and see their value from a long-range perspective.



Why Employees Quit You?

Almost 75% of people are those who jump from company to company every time they change roles. 
Another 25% of people will stay and rise in their company. 

The factor that Overwhelmingly Influences Retention

1.Role Stagnation

It will occur when an employee stays in the job title for long period of time without advancement.
Every 10 months someone stays in the same job title, it makes them 1% more likely to exit the company the next time they change roles.


2. Company Culture 

The second factor that drives people out the door is company culture.
Employees who leave almost always ended up going somewhere with a better rating of culture and values. And makes it clear that people are paying attention to things beyond pay.


3. Competitive Pay

The employee also walked out the door when their compensation isn’t at the market rate. While pay is not the biggest factor, it definitely matters.
To extent that when the employee in theory was ready to change to their next job, 10% higher pay made people 1.5% more likely to stay with the company.


Are you qualified to be a Supervisor?

Are you prepared to become a supervisor?
Do you know what characteristics are needed to become a supervisor?

Signs of Readiness

  1. You love to share your knowledge, and other people lock to you for advice when they have problems at work.
  2. It is satisfying to see others learn & succeed.
  3. You have an understanding of the company as a whole. You can see how the different departments work together.
  4. If someone is excited about their job, so are you.
  5. You’re willing to bridge the gap between employee and senior management and you want to be more focused in that role.

Signs of Not Ready

  1. It annoys you to see other people arrive late to talk or mess around, so you want to be the manager to stop them from doing it.
  2. You don’t like other people doing things differently than you do. You think there’s only one right way to do everything. You want a managerial role to tell your team how to do things.
  3. You want the power that management positions give you.
  4. You want to be a manager because managers are better paid.
  5. You like to make rules & make sure others follow them.








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